I work as a pastor and photographer. Relationally I am a husband, father, son, brother and friend.

People matter to me. As a pastor I believe that all people bear the image of God and have an inherent dignity and value. I try to capture and share that in my photography.

I believe everyone is creative and should find ways to express their creativity in life.

I believe that life is a amazing gift we have been blessed with. It is not to be taken for granted. I believe that most of us spend too much time wishing the present away in favor of the future or trying to recapture the past. The truth is we can only live in the present moment. Yet it the past that molds and shapes us into who we are today and determines how we live in the moment. There are moments from our past that we want to remember, that we long to relive and allow to shape our present reality. They are a source of joy, delight, encouragement, and hope. I find a good photograph helps rekindle those past moments.

I'd love to help you capture those times through my photography, so when you look back you can remember them more clearly... 

Senior Portraits
Family Portraits
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